Turkish Cotton Towels

If you are looking for a comfortable towel for regular use or a beach day, you can use our super comfortable Turkish cotton towels. These flat woven towels are known for their excellent absorbing power. The use of these towels can be traced back to the 18th century Turkish public baths or "hammams". A typical Turkish towel has a striped pattern, and it is incredibly lightweight and can be used for various purposes like hair drying, Yoga towels, picnic blanket, etc. The cotton fabric makes its texture comfortable for use. These towels are also eco-friendly.


What are Turkish towels made of?

Turkish towels are made of the best quality of cotton or linen produced in Turkey, and these are handwoven by the textile makers. The specialty of Turkish cotton is its long fibers which contribute to the smooth texture of the towels. In addition, the fibers are more substantial and compact. This compact structure confers its absorbing ability. Unlike Egyptian towels that stay wet for a more extended period, the Turkish towels dry fast, making them much more convenient for use as they do not stay damp on a humid day.


How are Turkish towels made?

Generally, they are woven in a loom or are handwoven traditionally by the artisans. They use ancient looms that have been used for this purpose for generations. It keeps the tradition and the stand quality intact.


Benefits of Turkish towels

The Turkish cotton towels are popular globally because of their unique features and benefits like:

  • Thin and lightweight - The Turkish cotton towel is thin and is easy to store. You can easily fold them and store them in limited spaces. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to carry, and you can pack several towels and carry them seamlessly. 
  • They are soft – Renowned for their soft and comfortable texture. The fabric's weave has fewer joints as they are woven out of long fibers, ensuring the soft texture. These towels are safer for your skin. Most luxury hotels resort to using these comfortable and soft towels to assure their guest the best feeling.
  • Safe for children – As children skin are extremely delicate, it is imperative to use products that are safe for them.  Turkish cotton towels are great on their skin as its texture is not harsh on the delicate surface of children's skin. Moreover, Turkish cotton becomes even softer over time with use.
  • Excellent absorbents - Another notable feature of Turkish Cotton towels is their absorbency. This feature is essential from a practical perspective as it determines the convenience of using these towels. The long fibres of these towels define the delicate surface that is suitable for absorption. However, the absorption power is balanced as it does not take in an excessive amount of atmospheric moisture. Thus, the towels do not stay damp. So, you can easily use Turkish cotton towels in a humid climate. As they do not stay damp, they prevent the growth of bacteria. Hence, these towels ensure better hygiene as well.
  • Durable and cost-effective - These towels are handwoven with care and are designed for everyday use. These last longer and reduce your expenses of frequently replacing them. Hotels generally prefer these towels to cut down their expenses.
  • Luxurious looking- They look both elegant and fashionable and promote the reputation of the brand manufacturing these towels. The hotels prefer these as they look elegant and are highly comfortable.
  • Perfect for the beach- Summer is finally here and Turkish towels are excellent for beach towels. The sand does not stick on the surface for long, and they are perfect for beach use. While the sand granules get stuck in other towels, making them uncomfortable to use, the Turkish cotton towels, with their compact texture, do not allow the sand grains to stay in for long.


Turkish towels indicate the exclusivity, long-lasting, and they prove to be cost-effective as you do not have to replace them frequently!